Who We Are

We’re a food-crazy, bar-hopping, music-loving bunch who love working with people who are as passionate about what they do as we are. We’re obsessed with all things Melbourne; the city, the style, the nightlife, the hospitality and we love working with the businesses and brands that contribute to this unique cultural landscape.
Like the perfect cocktail, our team strikes the ideal balance between marketing and the creative, between the technical and the strategic and we use that to help your businesses reach its maximum potential by creating genuine connections and engagement with the people that truly want, need and love what it is you do.

Meet Daniel
A VCA graduate with over 15 years’ experience in film, photography, animation and design, Dan’s forte is creating content that’s unique and captivating – finding the beauty in perfection and imperfection. A proper camera geek with a passion for all things creative, Dan can often be found trawling the city streets in search of the perfect shot or talking aperture and f-stops over 8-bit burgers in Footscray.

Meet Angie
A talented marketer with a flair for social strategy and engagement, Angie hails from the stomping grounds of Melbourne’s music, nightlife and entertainment scene and has helped put dozens of businesses on the map within this space over the last 10 years with her tenacious approach to business and guerrilla-marketing savvy. When she’s not out sampling the best that Melbourne’s bars and restaurants have to offer she’s probably somewhere in a very, very serious game of Mario Kart.

(c) 2016 Aguilasaurus

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